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Air Dried Super Food For Dogs

The unique air-dried dog food is a great alternative to the traditional food prepared for pets. Above all, it stands out for its excellent taste and is rich in valuable nutrients. It is true SuperFood for dogs.
Importantly, it achieves the highest quality through a low-temperature slow drying process. 
Air-Dried dog food is rich in fresh ingredients. Here, meat dominates with the addition of vegetables, fruit and herbs. In this way, air-dried dog food provides your dog with what it needs on a daily basis to be active, healthy and full of energy. Nutrients, vitamins and macro- and microelements also guarantee a beautiful coat and healthy teeth.
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Our air-dried dog food is healthier than kibble, cheaper than fresh, and tastes better than the two combined!

What is air-dried food? Is it the same as dry food? What does it affect? What are its advantages? Is it complete food or a snack? We have included the answers to these and many other frequently asked questions about our latest product in the article below.
Let’s start by saying that air-dried food IS NOT dry food.
They are not the same product – the differences between the two can be seen primarily in the composition and production method, as well as in the appearance of the product – it is not pellets but croquettes. Healthy Valley Air-Dry food is prepared from fresh meat, offal, fruit and vegetables of HUMAN GRADE quality – this is how high-quality ingredients are labelled for human consumption. These are additionally combined with additives such as flaxseed, Mojave Yucca or seaweed, but you will read more about this later.
The production process of air-dried pet food
Returning to the dried pet food production process – croquettes are created from the combined meat and offal, vegetables, fruit and other valuable additives, which are then subjected to a warm air drying process so that the food retains its natural flavour and aroma while gaining its crispness. Drying is an alternative to technological processes such as sterilisation, in the case of wet foods, or extrusion, which takes place at temperatures as high as 130C, in the case of dry foods removing most of the nutrients from the ingredients. In the drying process, where the temperature is lower, previously unprocessed raw materials are dehydrated, ensuring the high durability and safety of such food. The production method of dried food perfectly combines the crunchiness of dry food and the palatability of wet food – no dog can resist it!
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Superfood – what does that mean?

Although Healthy Valley Superfoods are based on meat and pluck (beef, duck, lamb, turkey, goose, venison, chicken and pork), their high nutritional value is also due to the use of additives known as superfoods, such as seaweed, which is a source of micro- and macroelements – especially iodine, responsible for proper metabolism, and iron, ensuring proper blood function. Seaweeds are also rich in beta-carotene and chlorophyll, exhibiting antioxidant properties and particularly valuable n-3 fatty acids. Due to the high content of glycosaminoglycans, the addition of the New Zealand mussel becomes important. It helps to regenerate the joints and the presence of silicon in the form of silicic acid has a beneficial effect on skin function. The addition of brewer’s yeast is a source of prebiotics (mannano-oligosaccharides and β-glucans), which stimulate beneficial bacteria in the dog’s digestive tract, thereby supporting the body’s immunity, and a source of B vitamins, which guarantee the correct functioning of the nervous system and ensure good skin condition. Other additives present in the formula include flaxseed, psyllium (Psyllium plantain), Mojave yucca, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. It is these ingredients described above that allow us to call Healthy Valley Air-Dried food a superfood among dog foods.
In addition to all the above-mentioned raw materials, fresh vegetables and fruit (carrots, pumpkin, yams, peas, asparagus, tomato, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, banana, apple, oranges, cranberries, goji berries and the particularly valuable avocado pulp) are particularly important additives in the Superfood line. In addition to their function of adding variety to a dog’s daily diet, each is a source of polyphenolic compounds, anthocyanins, and carotenoids. Sound complicated? These ingredients simply guarantee the proper and healthy development of your dog, inhibit the ageing process, and their systematic consumption inhibits the development of inflammatory or degenerative diseases.
Why choose dried food?
All the above information proves that dried foods from the Healthy Valley Superfood line are an interesting and modern alternative to daily dog food. Their unquestionable advantage is the recipe based on unprocessed raw meat, fruit and vegetable ingredients, which ensures that the dog’s requirements for all nutrients and vitamins are met. A very important and innovative aspect is undoubtedly the production method, based on drying the product with warm air. This method of preparation not only ensures the longevity and biological safety of the food but above all preserves the best in it – the aroma and palatability
But be careful! After trying Healthy Valley Air-Dried SuperFood, the vast majority of dogs do not want to eat anything else!

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